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Wan Chai Environmental Resource Centre Courtyard

Client: Environment and Ecology Bureau


Built in 1913, the building of Wan Chai Environmental Resource Centre served as the Wan Chai Post Office. It is the oldest surviving post office building in Hong Kong and was listed as a declared monument in 1990. In this project, we revamped the courtyard of the monument from an old garden to a small communal space for flexible uses. We took sustainability as a design principle; reclaimed wood from felled trees is the primary material for the entire courtyard. Most landscape features – the terrace, the planted feature wall, the resin benches, and the floor decking – are made with locally collected and processed wood and are all manufactured in Hong Kong. Wood used in this design also showcases common tree species found in Hong Kong, including Acacia confusa, Bombax ceiba, Celtis sinensis, Ficus Microcarpa, Melia azedarach, and Leucaena leucocephala.

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