Kate Lau is a registered landscape architect with backgrounds in cultural anthropology and visual arts. While practising in landscape consultant and engaging in projects on public spaces, river and waterfronts, and pedestrian environment and planning studies, Kate is committed to bringing together art and anthropology into landscape architecture through fieldwork-based, socially-sensitive and participatory design.

Olive Wong is currently practising as a landscape designer and was a producer in Exploration Theatre and the curator for the Arts Development Council Community Art Fund 2017 Project: Art-chiving Kwun Tong. With a spatial design background, Olive is dedicated in community and environmental art and is treating art as a medium to encourage public participation and imagination of city space.

在香港,每人應該有至少兩平方米的公共空間。 但滿足數字以外,人在哪裡? 2 Square Metres 以社會設計為基礎,用園境建築介入社會,從社區經驗重新理解園境,追求以人為本、回應社區聲音而且具人文質素的空間及創新設計方案。

We, the people of Hong Kong, should have a minimum of 2 m²  of open space. Nevertheless, looking beyond compliance to the standard provisions, we shall ask where are the people. 


2 Square Metres is founded with a premise of social design. We intervene in society with Landscape Architecture; we re-interpret Landscape Architecture through community experience. We aim at providing people-oriented, community responsive, and culturally sensitive spatial design and innovative solutions.