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Image Credit: Make A Difference Institute

在地研習室 | 翠屏河畔想像企劃
Tsui Ping River Community Workshop


主辦單位: 創不同協作

Organizer: Make A Difference Institute

主題伙伴:  渠務署

Thematic Partner: Drainage Services Department



在八節的工作坊,我們由認識河道活化和社區設計、實地考察和街坊訪談開始。經過場地分析和資料疏理後,各組“社區設計師”就社區、環境、河畔生活、韌性城市和社區經濟五個主題,構想了各有特色的創新方案。各組以圖像和文字說明,收集了第一輪網上意見之餘,更邀請到台中嘉賓點評。聽取意見後,各組深化方案雛型,以模型、街頭訪問等實測方案成效,收集更多街坊意見,並着手準備下一步工作。方案雛型設計接近成熟, 就是動手製作的時候!從想像到實踐,為邁向更怡人的河畔空間踏出一小步!



In the decades that Kwun Tong developed from a satellite town to a business hub, the King Yip Street Nullah has always been with the community and bears the mission of flood discharge. Now that this unsightly nullah is being revitalized into "Tsui Ping River", how can we envision the possibilities of new living spaces in the riverside community? 


In this 8-session design workshop, we started with learning about river revitalisation and community design, site visit and interviews with kai fong. After site analysis, each group of “social designers” brainstormed on innovative ideas around 5 topics – community, environment, living by the river, resilient city, and local economy. The ideas were presented to guests from Taichung in an online meeting and also to general public via online survey. With their feedbacks, the groups refined their prototypes, did field testing with models, collect more feedbacks from street interviews, and produced the prototypes for an one-day exhibition in Tsui Ping River Garden.


The 5 innovative prototypes are all unique in creating a new community vibe and spark new imaginations. “Kwun Tong Inspirations Gashapon Machines” provide suggestions for where to eat, shop and hang out in Kwun Tong, as well as stories of the neighbourhood, in order to encourage visitors to explore the neighbourhood around Tsui Ping River and support the local economy. “Reptiles Connective” connects people and passer-by in public space with small yet unique pet reptiles, thereby strengthening urban resilience. “Zone2” let people to create their own little comfort zone by providing movable tyre chairs and creative partitions, shading devices, workout gear, and musical instruments etc., which people can borrow. “Kwun Tong Food Hunt” connects the community with an online “Kwun Tong Food Map”. The team also display info panels at different corners of Kwun Tong, inviting the passer-by to explore this unique neighbourhood. Last but not least, “Fun on the Move” is a mobile cart that offer all types of fun – musical instrument, pencils and paper for Zentangle , book-crossing shelves, etc. to encourage interactions among community stakeholders, connect people with the river, and contribute to a more vibrant community life.

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