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The Stories of a Street





For a particular street in our city, we would always have our own memories and impressions. Nevertheless, as long as you keep walking, the unexpected will happen. We started out by leaving aside our perceptions of Tai Nam Street and searched for the “two ways of lives”. We went around the clock and observed the days and nights.


One street, two hundred slices - the photographs record twelve time periods at two-hour interval starting at 1 am from the top. It turns out that the fragments we captured went beyond two ways of lives; they are the intricate daily lives.

This work was exhibited in Tai Nam Street Rolling books. 

映像記錄 Visual Stories Contributors:

Judy Chan, Monica Chong, Hung Shan Shan, Kelvin Lai, Vince Lai, K.K. Lam, Kate Lau, Wini Leung, Li Ho Lok Klaus, Alison Ng, Ng Ho Ching Jeffrey,

Clarence Wai, Bryan Wong, Claire Yung

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