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Tai Po Kau Nature Academy at Tai Po Kau

Client: Smiley Planet Company Limited

Being an enclave surrounded by the Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve, the landscape design of this nature academy is largely driven by the site context. We aim to loosely replicate the characteristics of hillside landscape in Tai Po Kau while hinting the site’s historical use as a farmland. 3 existing single-storey buildings are proposed to be redeveloped into a visitor centre, an activity centre and a plant nursery with ancillary facilities, supporting the site’s future function as an education and research centre. In close collaboration with ecologist, plants proposed for this landscape design comprise a range of species which can enhance ecological performance of the site. Existing water pond will be kept with its water depth remaining unchanged to retain the current habitat. Sandpits are introduced to pond edges to attract dragonfly and butterfly.

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