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梅窩CHILL想像 (設計雛型)
Mui Wo Imagine (Prototypes)

Client: CEDD Sustainable Lantau Office

Project Partner: Groundwork Architects & Associates

「曾幾何時,在香港人心目中梅窩就等於大嶼山,這裡是到大嶼山的必經之路。」時代變遷,梅窩從興旺的旅遊勝地,變成遠離繁囂寧靜的安居之所,許多人在此處尋找另類的生活方式。我們以一年時間,透過考察、訪談和共創設計,了解當地社區的想法,發掘梅窩各式各樣的可能,並將想像轉化為實物, 以地區實驗形式測試居民和訪客對設計雛型的反應。

"There was a time when Lantau meant Mui Wo - it was the gateway to Lantau." As time goes by, Mui Wo has evolved from a busy centre into a quiet rural town away from the hustle and bustle of the city, where many seek alternative ways of living. After a year of interviews with local communities, research and co-creation, we gathered lots of ideas and transformed imaginations into actual prototype installations. We conducted experiments to test how residents’ and visitors’ would respond to our design proposals.

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