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Proposal for City Dress-up Public Art Competition


合作伙伴 Collaborator: Fai Au, Gavin Scott Coates & Yung Chung Kwong



"鏡•花•城" 將海港、 城市、景觀、建築與人的複合鏡像呈現於中環海濱。藝 術品的整體形式靈感來源於洋紫荊的一片花瓣,一根根高低各異的鏡面不銹鋼柱以 網狀方式平面排列,不僅勾畫出花瓣輕盈漂浮之形態,而且多角度倒映周邊的人、 景、事。她節節上升的垂直形態既強調地景的延續,亦隱隱呼應香港的城市邊際 線。在每根柱子的頂端,印記了市民選出的"我最愛的 - 香港百年建築",匯聚著 我們對於這個城市的集體回憶。


Mirror • Flower • City

She is the Bauhinia petal lingering at the Central Harbourfront;
She is the reflection of the city's people and their activities;
She is the custodian of our collective memory of the city's spaces and places.

"Mirror • Flower • City" reflects the multi-faceted interplay of harbour, city, landscape and people of the Central Harbourfront. Inspired by the petals of the Bauhinia flower, this artwork is an assembly of mirrored stainless steel columns. The columns arranged in a grid pattern vary in height, capturing the delicacy of a floating petal while reflecting the surrounding landscape, people and events in a multiplicity of angles. The gradually ascending vertical elements suggest a continuity from the landscape, and remind us implicitly of the distinctive Hong Kong cityscape. On the tips of the columns, the icons of "Most Liked Hong Kong Architecture of the Century" (voted by more than 15000 Hong Kong citizens) are engraved as part of the collective memory of our city.

She welcomes the city, the harbour, and the people we love.

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