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泡泡籠 (又名:「組裝合成」築樂園), 零碳天地
MiC Play Bubble, Zero Carbon Park

Project Initiator: CIC Zero Carbon Park,  Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects 
Collaborating Organisation: Greenwalls Bioengineering Ltd, Hip Shing Construction & Engineering Ltd, Play Concept Ltd, Tony Ip Green Architects Ltd


Designed with MiC in mind, this play installation adopts multiple pre-fabricated and readymade components which can be assembled and dismantled easily. The same components can be reconfigured depending on the size and shape of all kinds of outdoor play spaces, and are particularly relevant to the context of Hong Kong, including sites for transitional housing. This demonstrative set also integrates green and eco-products which are made to be modular. They are designed for self-cleansing and can remove PM2.5, provide thermal insulation and improve micro-climate.

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