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Image Credit: Make A Difference Institute

The LIBoratory Project


主辦單位: 創不同協作

Organizer: Make A Difference Institute

實驗室伙伴:  康樂及文化事務署

Lab Partner: Leisure and Cultural Services Department

2 Square Metres Kate & Olive 為是次計劃的設計師,與實驗室參加者協作,轉化概念為實驗原型 (Prototype),並在行動日中呈現,實驗室設計師包括 Sisi Li。Prototype設計概念來自賽馬會"創不同"社會創新實驗室《實驗圖書館》計劃。計劃由創不同協作主辦,康樂及文化事務署為實驗室伙伴。

2 Square Metres Kate and Olive participated as social designers for this project and collaborated with lab members to transform concepts to the prototypes in the Action Day. The project's social designer also include Sisi Li. The concept of all prototypes originate from The LIBoratory Project, Jockey Club Make A Difference Social Lab. The project was organized by the Make A Difference Institute, with Leisure and Cultural Services Department as the Lab Partner.

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