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共融遊樂空間設計概念比賽得獎作品 (專業組別季軍)

UNICEF Inclusive Play Space Design Ideas Competition Winning Entries (Professional Category Third Prize)

@2015 Better Playgrounds, Better Future Exhibition

合作伙伴 Collaborator: Stephanie Lai Chung Yin

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遊戲是一種權利, 不受健全與否、年齡、語言和種族所限。共融是一種協同, 特性多元, 環境清晰, 增加互動, 而且拒絕標籤各別能力或障礙。真正的共融是容納差別, 而拒絕區分。這種協同, 我們以加減乘除的概念詮釋, 以角色扮演遊戲的語言演繹, 把運算聯繫到建、掘、撞、分。共融遊樂場是一種靈活性, 觸發於一體空間下重疊交織着的碰撞、互動及自主。

Orders of Operation

Play is a right for all, regardless of abilities and disabilities, age, languages and ethnicities. Inclusiveness is a platform of synergy, embracing diversity, spatial clarity and interactions without labelling abilities and disabilities. True inclusiveness is to accommodate differences but yet avoid differentiation. We interpret this synergy with the concept of the Orders of Operations - namely Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division - and we present this concept with the language of multiplayer game, associating these operations with the actions of Build, Dig, Collide and Subdivide. Inclusive playground is a ground of flexibility, provoking collisions, interactions and active agency.

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