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Proposal for WKCD Temporary Pavilion (Hong Kong Young Architects & Designers Competition)

合作伙伴 Collaborator: RAAW Ricci Wong

The iKONGnic Pavilion

“iKONGnic” is an expression collaging the everyday life of Canton culture, from an urban streetscape, a canton restaurant or a Tong Lau window which build up our identity and local culture. The vibrant taste of Cantonese style elements collages with the vivid mixtures of Chinese & Western cultures and reformulates to its own “iKONGnic” characters. While the WKCD is recreating the Hong Kong culture and presenting us to the world, we believe the new pavilion design could be represented as very Hong Kong – we choose to name it as “iKONGnic”.

The pavilion design assembles the Canton style window gratings as roof pattern and Cantonese cafe (ChaChanTing) elements as key design elements. The open design intends to invited visitors to engage and react with the pavilion elements, the surrounding greens and sea, taste a cup of milk tea under the pavilion, enjoy the breeze from the seaside, swing underneath the interactive Cantonese colored roof windows, and picnicking on the lawn patches.

The pavilions are designed to have 75 units of 8 different design modules, enabling quick assembly on site, and are to be recycled by dissembling and placing them elsewhere in WKCD for future use – a small scaled pavilion of its own functions, and stay as “iKONGnic”.

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