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德輔道中: 設計工作坊系列
DVRC: Engagement Workshop Series


合作伙伴: 「行德」, 拓展公共空間, 香港知專設計學院園境建築, 德輔道中之友
Collaborator: WALK DVRC, Hong Kong Public Space Initiative,  HKDI Landscape Architecture, DVRC Friends


We believe that placemaking and spatial design practices should go beyond designers and professionals. Walk DVRC Ltd and DVRC Friends hope that people from different walks of life can come together to express and exchange their expectations and imaginations of a desirable street space, in order for a more engaging, pleasant and inclusive Des Voeux Road Central. Community engagement is, therefore, indispensable for this exhibition and the development of our initiative. In order to collect the opinions from various stakeholders, a series of workshops, design charrettes and street surveys have been conducted. Countless interviews have been accomplished to exchange ideas with the locals, especially the storekeepers. Different people, including kids, office workers and professionals, were invited to discuss their ideas on the current context and future development of DVRC.

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