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Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\ Architecture(HK)

合作伙伴: 「行德」, 拓展公共空間, 香港知專設計學院園境建築, 德輔道中之友
Collaborator: WALK DVRC, Hong Kong Public Space Initiative,  HKDI Landscape Architecture, DVRC Friends

德輔道中: 點只一條路  

試想想,一個「易行」的核心商業區將由德輔道中展開。試想想,這會是一個充滿活力、空氣清新、空間共享的歷史街區。試想想,一條只由行人和電車構成的街道的風景。試想想,其實德輔道中,點只一條路 。 德輔道中作為香港其中一條最繁忙的馬路,它的獨特性和魅力由其歷史文化、空間形態、道路用途和使用者共同建構。現時交通工具佔據德輔道中八成以上的空間,行人路極其量只是充當點與點之間的連繫。然而,德輔道中潛藏着無限的可能,或許現在就是一個打破常規、集思廣益,讓它們展示出來的時機。 是次展覽展出了社區及專業人士於社區工作坊中共同提出的願景與想像。我們問: 德輔道中可否蛻變成一個既具吸引力又有個性的公共空間 ? 這裡可否時刻充滿活力?在不久的將來,德輔道中可否成為一條極吸引、「易行」和歡迎不同使用者的「道路」 ? 是時候讓我們一起回答。

Des Voeux Road Central: The Road and Beyond

Imagine having a walkable Central Business District (CBD) that begins with the revitalization of Des Voeux Road Central (DVRC). Imagine navigating a vibrant, breathable, and shared environment at the historic centre of Hong Kong. Imagine a the Central district as a shared space that prioritises people and pedestrians over cars.Imagine Des Voeux Road Central as the road and beyond.

Apart from being one of the busiest roads of Hong Kong, the sense and spirit of DVRC are collectively defined by its histories, cultures, spatial forms, uses, and people. With over 80% of the available space currently dedicated to vehicles, pedestrian street life is diminished to minimal point-to-point connection. Perhaps it is the right time for us to think out of the box to unleash the full potential of this key Hong Kong artery.

This exhibition presents various potential models of the imagined DVRC proposed via multi-sectoral participation from the community and professionals in our community engagement workshops. Can we transform DVRC into an attractive and unique public space? Can we sustain the level of vibrancy all day long? Can DVRC become walkable, inclusive and welcoming like other world-class cities that have revived their CBDs through pedestrianisation efforts? It is time for us to answer together.

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