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Public Engagement for New Type of Campsites in Country Parks


Client: Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department

露營在香港愈來愈流行,市民對露營地點的期望亦日新月異。郊野公園內的新派露營地點能否更切合市民的新需求? 而且在玩樂之餘,又能否更重點推廣環境保護及教育? 在這個項目中,我們透過各種形式的公眾參與活動, 包括網上問卷調查、針對不同露營人士和相關組織的訪談、以棋盤模擬試玩、以及實地測試工作坊,以共創的方式,收集市民對郊野公園潛在露營地點的意見和期望。

Camping has become an increasingly popular outdoor activity in Hong Kong. People’s expectations on campsites are also everchanging. Could there be new types of campsites in Country Parks catering to the new demands of campers? Could the campsites orientate more towards environmental protection and education? In this project, we conducted different types of public engagement activities, including online survey, individual interviews targeted at a diverse type of campers and related organisations, a virtual camping journey stimulated by custom-designed board game, and an on-site testing evaluating the proposed features in a real environment. With these series of co-creation activities, we gathered user opinion and expectations on potential campsites in Country Parks.

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