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Proposal for East Kowloon Cultural Centre Public Artwork Commissioning Project

團隊成員 Team Member: Chan Kit, Monica Fu





帷幕之外是另一個世界 —— 一個充滿想像世界?還是一個虛無的幻像?從這裡馬上開始你的旅程,一個通往無限可能的旅程。

A Prologue to the Closing Dance

Epilogue of one is the prologue of another; as with the dance of time and the movement of history, one note after the other, in the flux of musical journey.

Who would have thought this ground was no earth but the edge of the ocean some sixty years ago? Who would have imagined this far end of the peninsula has no industry but a quarry for building our home? That was a forgotten past incinerated in an invisible flame; it transformed into smoke, infusing into the air and drifting with the wind.

Be it the opening act or the curtain call, there is a glory to reveal and a glamour to unfold. You, the audience, are the performers. Shed on you are the rays of illumination from nature and the sparkles of rainbow from the sculpture. You may see a glimpse of yourself in the reflection, or your loved ones, or the past, the present or the future.

Beyond the curtain there is another world - a world of imagination, or is it a world of illusion? So here starts your journey, the journey to infinite possibilities.

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